100Pcs Catchfly Potted Plant Seeds

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Description :
Venus Flytrap, a perennial herb native to America, is a very interesting insectivorous plant.
Its stem is very short, in the top of the leaf has a long insect trap resemblance to "shell" and it can secrete honey.
When a bug go inside, it can be caught in a moment.
It's also known as "Hells of Flys" in Chinese and Japanese.
This potted plants can be placed in the sunny near the windowsill or balcony.
The unique charm of trapping flies and cool appearance, making it the most popular insectivorous plants.

Specifications :
Scientific name : Venus Flytrap
Best growth period : Spring and Summer
Plant height : 5-15cm / 2-6"
Sowing time : Spring
Habit : Warm, Moist
Soil pH : 3.5-5
Growth Temperature : 15-35℃ / 59-95℉
Overwintering Temperature : 10-20℃ / 50-68℉

Planting methods :
1. Prepare flowerpot : fill with soil in flowerpot, put the flowerpot inglass tank containing water to make the soil absorb water until surface wet, then spray the surface of soil with spray bottle.
2. Sow seed: drop the seeds over the surface and cover them lightly with soil.
3. Spray: spray the surface of soil with spray bottle,spray carefully to avoid seed washing out of soil.
4. Cultivation: Put the flowerpot along with glass tank in the sunny of windows.Fill water in glass tank in time.Sprout for 10 to 15 days.

Package Includes :
100 x Catchfly Seeds