Multi-Utility DIY Foldable Storage Shoe Rack

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Portable Shoe Rack

A high quality shoe rack that is very practical yet beautiful enough to be part of your household furniture.

It is made from high quality materials different from most on the market.

The fabric is non woven and feels great.

The steel rods are reinforced to give it that sturdy appearance.

The PP connectors are made from high quality plastic that does not break under pressure.

It's easy to assemble, you don't need special tools or special skills.

All you need is a few minutes of your time.


Material: Non-woven fabric

Reinforced steel pipe and PP connector.

In order to prolong the life of this item, please do not expose it to sunlight for a prolonged amount of time.

-Please store it in a cool and dry place to prevent mold.

-Please do not use brute force to disassemble assemble the item.

Package Includes:1 Portable Shoe Rack