Electric Thermal Treatment Beauty Steamer Hair Care Cap

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Product Features: Let you do hair treatment at home Help the nutrition oil penetrate deep and nourishes the hair for better Moisturization Also make hair color look fresher and last longer Compact and light, easy to use Simply wear it around your head and it will heat up your hair in seconds Removable lining makes cleaning a breeze 2 Level Temperature Control with Thermostat for convenience and safety 1. Gently do oil Massage to your head with regular hair oil. 2. Wrap the wet towel around your hair. 3. Wear the thermal cap over the wet towel. 4. Plug in the power cord and switch it “ON”. 5. Adjust the temperature with the switch provided on the cap switch controller. 6. Use the thermal cap for 10 minutes (Stop using it immediately if found any discomfort)  7. Turn the Switch “OFF” and remove the cap gently. 8. Take a shower and clean hair normally.  Method 2: After Hair Wash 1. Take shower and wash hair gently.  2. Partially dry the hair with a towel and wrap around the damp towel around your hair. (Please see that the water should Bot drip out of the towel)  3. Follow step 3 to 8 Mentioned in the earlier method.  Enjoy the benefits of the thermal cap for your hair.