Make It Rain Money Gun (Red)

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  • Great addition to any bachelor/bachelorette parties, team builders, nightclubs, birthday parties, and more Feeds up to 100 dollar bills and sends them flying across the room. Works with coupons or flyers too.


  • This is a gun that can fire money! Cool toy for wedding party Make your friend crazy about what you do!


  • This is a toy gun that can fire money! Cool toy for wedding party. Cool guys are all playing fun with this gun on Youtube,Fackbook and Twitter,etc


  • You will love to fly cash coupons glitter to your party


1.The Super Money Launch Gun is a simple and easy to use device.

2.It can be loaded with US dollar bills or any similar in shape. 3.Made of ABS plastic.

3.It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it a breeze to take it inside of any club or party.

4.The Money Launch Gun brings an excitement to your event in a unique celebratory fashion.


Power:4 x AA Battery(Batteries not included)
Used For:Nightclubs, Bar, Party, Wedding, Play cool

Package Include:

1 x Super Money Launch Gun