Multi-layer metal women's earring

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  • Name/Fashion Fashion Multi Layer Metal Women's Earrings
  • Mat./Material: Metal
  • Col./Color: Gold Silver
  • Weg./Weight: 20.5g
  • Sty./Style: European and American simple style

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     1Manufacturer's original goods

     2About size.

      Size is manual measurement, because of different measuring tools and methods, there will be errors of 2 mm. Please shop independently according to & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; you usually wear the habitual reference size table and evaluation details.

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     1.Jewelry is often replaced. The same piece of jewelry should be avoided for a long time, especially in hot summer. nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; Sweat is easy to erode, so it is best to prepare multiple pieces of jewelry for frequent replacement.


      2.Jewelry is easily damaged when exposed to chemicals..The aroma of bathing, chlorine in swimming, salt in seawater, etc. will affect jewelry         The coating causes corrosion marks, so all ornaments should be removed before bathing or swimming..


      3.Collision is easy to wipe, be careful to store, do not overlap accessories, should be stored in the original bag or in the possession of &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; Inside the small box of jewelry, avoid rubbing each other and rubbing the surface.


     4.Clean jewelry from a regular basis, choose soft wool brush to wipe the surface of jewelry, so that jewelry to remove surface stains.



      5.Apply a transparent nail polish on the surface of the metal so that it can avoid contact with the air and wear longer time..